— cognitive science and the Alexander Technique

Gargonza 2013

The second Embodied Mind Project event: "Experiencing the Embodied Mind: High performance psychophysical expertise, subjectivity research, and brain-computer technology", 7-12 October 2013 Gargonza, Italy.

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We have extraordinary footage from Gargonza and we need your support to edit it into a documentary film.


This 5 day residential workshop brings together an international team of 10 Alexander teachers, 10 interdisciplinary researchers of "Embodied Mind" theory, and a team of engineers from PERCRO Laboratory in Pisa Italy. The Alexander Technique process of "awareness", "inhibition", "non-doing" and "direction" is explored experientially, philosophically, and scientifically. The PERCRO team apply their sophisticated EEG and Movement Capture technology to the subtle process of AT "direction" with and without movement.


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