— cognitive science and the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique and the future of education and technology: an opportunity

Affiliations: Université de Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne and CREA, École Polytechnique

Postal address for correspondence: Rachel Zahn, 6 rue Greffulhe, 75008 Paris, France



The rapid changes that are occurring in neuroscience and technology will have an effect on education in general and certainly on our profession as Alexander Technique teachers. A quick internet search on the subject shows that leading edge educators are already aware that much of traditional pedagogy will become obsolete. The structure of childhood education has been based upon the erroneous concept that humans possess a disembodied, objective mind. A collision between educators and technology is also inevitable. Even while educators express a wish to redesign schools, modern technology is providing global information access and long-distance learning resources that suggest that schools as we know them may soon be unnecessary. Most Alexander teachers are unaware that they may be able to play a significant role in this dilemma. I present several examples of innovations in neuroscience and technology as a ‘wake-up call’ to our profession and suggest practical ways for us to enter the discussions.

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